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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dump Cake for a manic Monday

Dump Cake.
That just about says it all. 
Posted on a Monday after a full moon. 
Not just ANY full moon. 
The Perigree Moon!
The brightest and fullest full moon since 1993.
THAT just about says it all right there in a nutshell.
It has been one of THOSE Mondays.  One big humungous dump cake!
I think I could eat an entire dump cake myself! 
Except for one thing...
2 cubes of oleo.
(oops, that is TWO things! Told you it has been one of those days!)
I am assuming June Vissotzky meant 2 TB of margarine -
although I prefer to use butter.
It's more natural!
(or maybe I have just listened to my mother and Mrs. Deen too much!)
Regardless what kind of Monday YOU have had,
this makes an EXCELLENT and EASY cake -
Just whatever you do DON'T STIR IT TOGETHER!
I am not speaking from experience or anything... lol!
I wonder if June ever felt like her day was one big dump cake?
She was an art teacher in Stephenville, TX and
well-loved for her infectious laugh and sense of humor.
May YOUR day end as sweetly as this dump cake!

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