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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Calendars, Advertising, Rexall Multivitamins, Alaska, and Robert E. Lee

This gem was on the backside of one of June Vissotzky's recipes.
I couldn't help myself! I HAD to scan it in!
Especially when I read about the Rexall Children's multi-vitamins having
liver concentrate and iron.
You don't hear about those two ingredients anymore in children's vitamins...
much less adult vitamins.
Maybe we need to go back to those ingredients...
You didn't hear about as many ear infections back then, that is for sure! 
This corner of the calendar was from January -
because January 19 is Gen. Robert. E. Lee's birthday.
Now there is a gentleman -
would be fascinating to look up his genealogy and how it was done!

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