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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring into Easter with Cheese Bunnies

Cheese Bunnies.   Easter falls on a late date this year. 
If your kids or grandkids are driving you hopping crazy (sorry...couldn't resist!) 
settle them down with cheese bunnies! 
But for the life of me, I can't figure out why they are called bunnies -
unless it because they are round (the bun) with a little white tail (the egg). 
But I can't keep myself from wondering - where are the bunny's ears? 
Or his head for that matter! 
The more I thnk about the more it worries me. 
All different scenarios flash before my eyes...
and as I hum in my head
"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin down the bunny trail..."
it quickly becomes
"little rabbit FuFu, I don't wanna see you,
scoopin up the field mice and boppin them on the head!" 
Oh my.
SO - in order to save questions from inquiring 4 year olds,
and so that I can sleep at night without worrying about the bunny...
Here is an addendum to the Cheese Bunnie Recipe:
After cooking the recipe as per the instructions above,
serve the bunnie onto the plate,
take the part of the bun that you cut out with the cookie cutter,
(you may want to toast that part as well)
and place it above the bigger bun with the egg.
The bunny now has a head!
Just remember you are looking at the backside of Mr. Bunny.
"But what about the ears?" says your inner 4-year old voice.
You have options here.
Either cut off a piece of bread in ear shapes from the bunny head,
(Oh no - I am hearing little rabbit FuFu again!)
and place above the head for ears, or slice a piece of fruit -
 banana, apple, or what have you,
and place above the head.
Just make sure you give it a nice bunny ear shape.
You want your bunny to have ears he'd be proud of, don't you?
I am back to humming "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin down the bunny trail,
hippity hoppity, Easter's on it's way....!"
I can picture June Vissotzky making this for her 2 children when they were little, can't you?


  1. Too funny! I wonder who actually came up with this idea?

  2. HAHA Lori - I don't know - but I may just have to surprise dear hubby with these tomorrow morning - just for Fun!!!!


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