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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot Fudge Sauce for Ice Cream Sundaes

Umm  Yummm!  I think I could make this and eat the whole pot! 
My dear hubby (aka resident tomato hater)  made stir fry for me tonight. 
It was delicious, but has left me hankering for something sweet. 
I wonder if he'd notice if I made this and ate the whole potful? 
I am sure June Parker Vissotzky would approve! 
Although the more I think of it the less appealing the "whole pot" idea is sounding. 
Plus I have no ice cream in the house. 
just strike the whole pot idea. 
 Hot fudge sauce will have to wait for another day.
Sometimes it is a good thing I talk myself out of things.

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