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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hash Browns, French Fries, French fried Potatoes, and Mushroom Gravy

Hash Browns! 
If I would have had potatoes on hand, I would have surpised
my dear hubby with hash browns and eggs this morning!
But, alas, no ptoatoes!
Growning up with a mother from Germany,
how on earth can ANYONE be without POTATOES in the house?
 Some of you can probably relate!
But there you have it.  Not even a box of instant Mashed taters in house!
Please don't tell my mom! 
In the meantime...
I think a good plate of nicely browned
hash brown potatoes
with mushroom gravy on top
sounds delicious!
AND inexpensive!
Now excuse me while I go to the store to get some potatoes! 

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