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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kraft Gaucho Dinner a la June

You know, this sounds pretty good.  And easy. 
And I am a sucker for anything that sounds
like even a resemblance to Mexican or Tex-Mex food!
I don buy or make processed foods much. 
Not because it seems to be a trend. 
I'm just that way.
But I looked up Kraft Mexican dinner on their website,
and I am not sure they make it anymore!
So when I make this I will probably just buy a box of good ole
Kraft Macaroni and cheese
and then make it as posted here. 
Oh - and the 20 gold stars for Gebhardts Tamales?
What can I say - it was in June's recipe box! 
And I like the art.
And Gebhardts!
Let me know if ya'll stumble upon any Kraft mexican dinners!
Pretty Please!

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