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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Riker's Mexican Corn Casserole from Creede, Colorado

This almost sounds like a  kind of tamale casserole.  I haven't made it yet (on a diet) but I definitely will! 
I prefer more spicy food, so I'll probably add some green chiles and chopped cilantro.
And maybe some cheese.
Oh yes.  Almost forgot the diet.  Maybe just a LITTLE cheese, followed by a walk with the dogs.
Happy now?
I am not sure who the Rikers were. 
I DO know that my husband's family used to go to Creede on vacation in the 60's. 
This is where the genealogy part of my blog comes into play.  Stay tuned about the Rikers!  I googled it hoping it was a restaurant in Creede, but all I came up with was a Riker's island prison that sounds like it makes a darn fine carrot cake!  Talk about running around in circles.  Now I want carrot cake.
Oh yeah.  THE DIET! 
Carrot cake AND Riker's Mexican corn casserole will just have to wait. 

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