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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orange Slice Cookies

My dear hubby told of a cookie he used to eat when he was a boy.  I had never heard of Orange Slice cookies, but thought I'd look for the recipe and make him happy.  I made them, and yes, by golly, he was happy!  
then I lost the recipe. 
Hooray for the internet!  After trying a few other recipes, both my hubby & my son said
this was THE recipe!

 It;s very easy.  I start by chopping the candy orange slices (not a real orange!) by dipping my kitchen scissors in flour or sugar - that way they don't get too sticky and clump up on the scissors or knife!   Then I grab a damp paper towel, the scissors and the orange slices and head to the TV to watch a show while I sit and cut the slices.  I use the damp paper towel to occassionally wipe the candy goop off of the scissors.  After I am done, I mix all the ingredients together.
 Then I roll them into little 1" balls and place on a greased cookie sheet.  Be careful and don't tilt the cookie sheet....
 Or you will end up with a big clump of little 1" cookie balls!

don't ask me how I know this..... :D
 Bake for recommended time - my oven usually takes a bit longer, but I try to undercook them ever so slightly so they still remain chewy.

Yum.  Excuse me while I devour the whole cookie sheet.....
I'd like to thank for saving my hide and having this recipe on their website after I lost it the first time!

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