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Friday, February 18, 2011

Foremost Biscuit recipe

Sometimes fortune deals us a funny hand.  I had planned on featuring a recipe for Apple Blossom Cake, that had a date of 1967 on it.  When I clicked to insert a picture on the blog, up popped this biscuit recipe! It being Friday, and the end of what seems to have been a long week, biscuits it is!   The Apple Blossom Cake will just have to wait, cuz biscuits are calling our name! The trick for getting fluffier biscuits is to NOT twist the biscuit cutter, glass, or whatever you are using to get your biscuit shape. 
Just press down and right back up. 
No twisting. 
The biscuits don't like that.
They DO like to touch other biscuits though as they bake.
So don't feel obligated to give them space to spread as they bake.
Touching but no twisting!
I feel like I am in an exercise class...

Hmm, maybe sausage, gravy and biscuits for breakfast/brunch tomorrow? 
By the way, I am guessing these biscuits are named Foremost biscuits after Foremost Farms.  I asked my hubby if he'd ever heard of Foremost and he said "Yes, they used to deliver milk way back when"  Oh yeah.  I guess I do remember that!   And they still DO have Foremost Farms Dairy cooperative...and they make cheese...and whey. And Foremost Farms was originally started by no other than J.C Penney!   I also found out he was a strong believer in The Golden Rule.  Smart man. 
"Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you"
Smart words to live by, and they aren't said enough these days. 
Foremost was a Guernsey bull - google it - it is very interesting! 
Class dismissed!

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