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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Recipe Friday - Polish Cold Beet Soup Borscht

Summer is HERE, and with a vengeance! 
Down here in the South, we are being treated to weather that feels like August already.
Hot and humid, with temperatures in the 90's
and the A/C cranked up high!
What on earth did our ancestors do?
The Poles and East Europeans made Borscht,
a beet soup. 
Beets are Sooooo good for you! 
And this recipe doesn't require cooking, unless you want
to count the hard-boiled eggs!
This recipe is from "ma"-
Hank's mother, Anastazia (Nancy) Kocinski Vissotzky. 
I think I'll plan on Cold Beet soup for dinner tomorrow,
with a big chunk of artisan bread,
and enjoy a  mint julep on the porch. 
It IS summer down here in the South, ya'll!!!!
(Haha - I just realized I posted this for Geneablogger's Family Recipe Friday..
trouble with that is, today is THURSDAY!
It is Friday somewhere on this Earth already!!! 
Did you ever have "one of THOSE weeks"?)

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