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Friday, April 15, 2011

Family Recipe Friday: Chocolate or Vanilla Spritzkuchen Cookies with Fluffo!

June was very good friends with a couple of Mary's,
so I am not going to guess which Mary this recipe is from. 
All I know if that they sound like good cookies to make for Easter. 
Or anytime!
And here is another recipe for FLUFFO!  
Maybe I should have just designated this as
FLUFFO week!
It just cracks me up.
(You can use Crisco instead of Fluffo.)
Sounds like a dog's name!
Or instead of "Here kitty, kitty."...
"Here, Fluffo!"
Thinking of Easter...
Fluffo would be a fantastic name for any Easter chicks or bunnies.
If you get live ones that is. 
Someday, I will have to get a good laying hen
and name her Fluffo! 
Have a good weekend everyone! 

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