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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mustang (Muscadine)Wild Grapes Wine

Hank Vissotzky wrote this down  on a memo pad from work at Tarleton State Univesrity.
Kind of puts a new spin on on "sour grapes" doesn't it? 
If you aren't lucky enough to have wild grapes in the area,
I guess you could always just buy some grapes at the store. 
They don't taste the same, but would work in a pinch.
Now to go out and find some wild grape vines and keep an eye on them until July.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Way Out West Wild Mustang Grape Juice - Family Recipe Fridays

Summer's coming! 
With summer, comes berries, wild berries!
And grapes!  Wild grapes!
Sorry to not have posted anything for sometime, but life kidnapped me.
We took a trip to Texas, where we were met by my favorite college freshman (son!)!
We stayed on a family ranch, where I took a gazillion pictures.
All sorts of wildflowers provided a feast for our eyes!
Staying on the place brought back memories
of driving on country roads in the summer time,
searching for sand plums so Mom could make plum jelly.
By the time there are sand plums, the grapes are usually in season too.
or close anyway!
I found this recipe that Henry Vissotzky had written on some memo paper
from his desk at Tarleton State University.
Maybe this will be the summer for me to try to make
Wild Mustang Grape Juice!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Amazing Spaghetti Scallops

Life has been hectic, too say the least!
Just look at the time in between my blog posts!
Life is funny.
You throw together a recipe from things you have in the fridge,
because you are so darn busy!
All of a sudden everyone is telling you that you need to keep the recipe!
Only problem with that is there is NO recipe!
You threw it together from scratch.
So you grab the nearest paper -
which happened to be the back of a Rottweiler puppy shaped notepad -
 and write down the recipe.
I always meant to write it on a decent recipe card!
Really I did!
It never made it, and my college son really likes this recipe!
and he really loved our rotties.
So, in deference to nostalgia and telling it like it is,
here is the rottie notepad recipe! 
Cook with love!

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